Over the past four years members of the email group have prepared factsheets which detail the appalling manner in which the ‘move’ project was originated and the anti-democratic way in which it has been carried out. We have sent these to the relevant people. Typically we get a reply a few months later simply saying that is a wonderful project, ‘first time a major Sydney cultural institution has been located outside the central city area’, ‘a once in a generation opportunity to change the cultural landscape’ and similar statements.

I am fed up of this.

I have sent the latest factsheet to the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Minister for the Arts. I have not sent it to infrastructure NSW or to the museum itself because it is perfectly clear that these people are just following the instructions of their masters.

A covering letter makes the point that the platitudinous response mentioned above is not satisfactory. Ideally we would like to see some attention to the issues raised, but this is not the style of this government. Accordingly I am seeking a reply along the lines of ‘receipt of your letter is acknowledged and the contents noted’. It is very sad that this is the best we can hope for!

The secrecy of the whole process is appalling, and I have included a list of basic information that I think the public is entitled to have.

Finally I'm asking my local member and other politicians to support my request so that it does get some attention.