notes from released documents March and December 2020

These were obtained very quickly and there are missed pages and other errors. Less than 5% of the issued fules were examined. As usual, the information supplied was largely inconsequential: the Government claimed confidentiality for all major material. (I searched for any mention of the six review panels that have been alleged dto be supportive of the process, but as far as I could see, they were not even mentioned).

The files are automatically named, and the best way of searching for particular information is to use the search form on this page.

There are two groups of files: first group released June 2020: not many were retrieved: see overview of document release

Second group: documents released December 2020: we could not look at them at that time for covid and other reasons

documents retrieved 10 March 2021 .pdf files: accurate as printed originally, may require turning to exact orientation to read, searchable with Ctrl-f

.word conversions of above, may be more searchable and easier to copy sentences but many files are corruped for example by DRAFT stamps.

Unfortunately it will take a while to remame the files with titles that reflect their contents! If you would like to download the files to your own computer email and I can send you a cloud link that will enable this.

second group prepared 18 March 2021: the labelling on these is a little better!

.pdf files : word conversions coming! tl 18 March 2021