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Time is getting short. We have been seeking an assurance that no irrevocable action will be taken to initiate destruction till after the Coronavirus crisis and after the forthcoming new Legislative Council Inquiry, but no such undertaking has been received. In view of the urgency, we have a new title page. For the old title page (givng access to bulletins 1-49 and all the other information, go here or just use the search box: there are about 4 gigabytes of 'stuff' so give it a go!

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Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all the people involved in the email group over the past  nearly five years. I have had the privilege of putting together a lot of the stuff into eight submissions to the new Inquiry: the responsibilty for the facts, their selection and their presentation is mine, but we have a mighty 'brains trust' that has made it all possible.


1.       Introduction and fact sheet.

2.      ‘Finding’ response: the Government’s inadequate, irrelevant and severely flawed response to chief criticism outlined by the earlier Inquiry.

3.      Heritage considerations of the whole project, which have been severely underestimated.

4.      Finances: implications of the destruction of the museum at Ultimo (notes only, not a full analysis).

5.      Consultation shortcomings throughout the whole process.

6.      Move risks: case study of moving a major object, illustrating a lack of care for exhibits.

7.      Miscellaneous matters: general points indicating other areas of Governmental ineptitude.

8.      An alternative project: quick notes on a possible alternative.

Supplementary files including .pdfs and word files of the submissioins and other items

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