Campaign to save the Powerhouse

Australia’s major museum of arts and sciences in Sydney’s most evocative heritage building. For more information See also:

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Please note: this is not a Government website. I have been asked to make this clear. We made this website to make basic  information on the 'move' avaiable to the public. The Government does not want this to happen.

We have another problem. I have now been told that I may not have on this website such things as evidence from the Inquiry and submissions to the Inquiry. I have been instructed to remove them. This means that the plans to include the submissions to the new Inquiry (even our own submissions) should not be made public on this website. I am leaving access to the Parramatta Council relevant material and the Annual Reports of MAAS on the website so searches will still have access to them.

The Committee Office of the Legislative Assembly has suggested that as an alternative I should put up the links to the relevant pages of  the Government websites and here they are:

First Inquiry: Includes submissions, hansard of hearings, reports and Government documents, and 'other documents' - usually answers to questions on notice, and the final report and responses to it go to

For the current Inquiry the corresponding page is

Hansard for Parliament can be seen at

To enter what is left of the data search website go here.

NEW STUFF: to do with the release of documents by the Government. Another scam, as you will see. I will have some more stuff from this online at the middle of next week, but there is so much stuff that it is virtually impossible to get an organised overview of them especially considering the difficulty of getting access, the poor photocopying and the inclusion of masses of irrelevant material.

If you want a fact check or send information or ask general questions, please, as usual, email me : do not use 'reply' to the bulletins as these easily get lost. I can usually make a search on a very wide range of informaton, some of which is privately stored on my computer! Thanks for all your help!

We remain in a state of crisis, time is getting short, and please keep the action going! I hope to have a bulletin ready to send out next weekend.

Tom Lockley 19 June 2020.