Heritage of the Powerhouse Museum:

What’s at stake in the move to Parramatta

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The story so far....

The present government, with no resistance from the major opposition party, declared in late 2014 that the Powerhouse Museum would be relocated to Parramatta, and its site would be used for residential development. There was no consultation with stakeholders.

Simply because of the destruction of this heritage item, the decision was greeted with dismay. But when the whole process was investigated by many people with expertise in real estate, museum administration, engineering, architecture and building, it quickly became clear that the announced plan is also ill-founded and financially disastrous.

Resistance quickly developed. A Herald advertisement signed by 178 leading figures in Sydney’s arts and business community appeared on 17 February 2016. An enormous petition was presented in State Parliament and resulted in a parliamentary debate on the matter on April 5. There is also a vigorous campaign on Facebook.

An Upper House (Legislative Council) Inquiry has been convened to investigate these and related matters. However, the government intends to proceed regardless of the course of the inquiry.

Our first booklet, Heritage Aspects of the Powerhouse Museum was well received. However, many people pointed out that the museum’s heritage consisted not only of buildings but also many intangible factors.

Hence this booklet.