Our previous bulletins and booklets etc

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2016: 1. Our original first web page promoting the booklet.    2. May 1: summary of actions taken and possible plans 3. May 7: absolutely useless letter from Scot Macdonald, Parliamentary Secretary assisting Troy Grant, Minister of the Arts. Typical.  4. May 13: brief summary of information given to PHM volunteers on May 11   5. May 17: useless reply from Arts Australia dictated by Troy Grant, letter from Property NSW (no decisions at all on land yet) and Jillian Skinner MP for North Shore 'explaining' the government's arts policy re Sydney arts precinct   6. May 23: largely a repeat of stuff from Grace Cochrane: Jennifer Sanders on similar museum closures elsewhere (none!) and Chronology of the Powerhouse; Debbie Rudder on engineering values of the building; also note re meeting at PHM 28 May 7. June 2: Meetings and protests: last weekend, the PHM protest on Saturday 28 May, the more general protest on Sunday. Meeting of concerned groups re PHM on Saturday afternoon. Sunday 5 June: Meeting at Parramatta re Parramatta pool. Information here.  8. June 13:  Invitation to presentation at The monthly meeting of the Pyrmont History Group at The Station (the Jacksons Landing community hall) at 58 Bowman Street Pyrmont, Sunday 19 June from 5pm. Report on the rally at Parramatta Swimming Pool, 6 June. MAAS bulletins including interesting FAQs. Other web sites. 9. June 26: Announcing the Upper House inquiry  10. July 10: How to make a submission to the Upper House inquiry; possibility of improving communications between museums and 'affiliated societies', eg historical groups; also a note on Norm Harwood after whom the Harwood building is named 11, August 7: Announcement of the second book dealing with the heritage of the museum as a whole. 12. August 18: General news, reception of booklet 2 13. November 15: General report on Upper House Inquiry 14.December 4: Ms Torres' evidence that Infrastructure NSW is responsible for the 'move' is wrong.

2017 15. January 21 2017: Suzette Meade, North Parramatta Residents Action Group: link to her talk to ASHET, action possibilities 16. February 14: New minister, but the same old old mantra 17. February 18: Report on Upper House hearing outcomes (nil!)  18. April 18: Government remains intransigent: PHM exhibitions etc - are they 'dumbing down'? 19: 26 June: The Budget a fizzer; general gossip 20: July 14: Government announcement: CONSULTATION AT LAST! 21: 31 July: Consultation pre-empted, but the battle is not lost.....22: 7 August:  Reports on July / August 'comsultation meetigs, largely lost in cyberspace: 2 November: Three months since last 'fake consultation', no action from goverment: this also has been lost.

2018: 24: 14 March 2018: Interim report from Upper House inquiry; forthcoming Upper House sittings (later cancelled) 25: 27 April: Telegraph articles: why do they know more than we do? 26, 14 May: Upper House hearing 28 May, government releases of information still inadequate, a new round of consultations 27. 26 May reminder Upper House hearing 28. 29 May Report from Inquiry hearing and general info  29. Oops, a numbering error: no such bulletin. Dyslexia rules, ko? 30. 1 June: evidence from Mr Bay Warburton, former chief of staff for Mr Baird 31. 5 July: release of business case, website http://maasbusinesscase.com/ NB this is our site, not 'official' 32. 11 July: an anthem for the movement.... 33. 14 July: Introducing http://maasbusinesscase.com/  34: 16 July: Questions arising from examination of the Business Case part 1 35: August 2: work on 'briefing' booklet 36: August 4: Booklet published online 37: August 6: About Parramatta (article from https://theconversation.com/au ) 38. November 14 2018: Bulletin 38: Inquiry

2019:  39. 6 February 2019 Re Inquiry plus fact sheet Harwin and Glover, new trustees and Baird as politician   28 February 2019 Bulletin 40 results of Inquiry  41: March 13, overoptimism and site plan Parra 45:14 July 2019 14 March Bulletin  42 16 March Caton commercials 43: 25 March brief note from overseas 44: 24 July Fact sheet and design competion for Parramatta Bulletin 45  47: 14 December 2019: Havilah interview, Architects on design competition  Bulletin 44, 24 July 2019  Buletin 45 31 November 2019 Bulletin 46 cover note  Jennifer Sanders paper for ICOMOS 1 October  Final version of Bulletin 46 (there were numbering errors)

2020 Bulletin 47: 25 Jan 2020: re announcement of Parramatta building   Bulletin 48: 'consultations; re Parramatta etc 13 April    Bulletin 49 23 April  Bulletin 50: Submissions made to 'new' Inquiry 19 May  Bulletin 51: attempt at survey not online   Bulletin 52 23 June 2020  Bulletin 53 July 4 2020 - it looked like we had won, but ..Bulletin 54: new sitting, general, Fish Market similarities .Bulletin 55: 24 August hearing notes  Bulletin 56 Signs of danger increase 57_1 October 2020 (labelling error) General information, very dense  57: 25 Nov Six Years on, civic link, SO52 docs problems

2021 Bulletin 59: General briefing and the Western Sydney Powerhouse Community Alliance  Bulletin 60 re destruction of transport hall Bulletin 61 Response of Ms Havilah to bulletin 60 29 March 2021 Bulletin 62 re May 1 at Parramatta  Bulletin 63: Response to Ms Havilah Bulletin 61  Bulletin 64 re May 1 (not significant - obsolete) Bulletin 65: 11 June  awaiting announcemets; current news; response to request for information about review panels; request for information about fire regulations requiring removement of display cabinets etc; Bulletin 66: July 9: review of past year since July 4 announcement; Bulletin 67: 11 November, intended to be the last bulletin 

2022 Bulletin 68 16 March promoting the March 19-20 consultations Bulletin 69 cautious optimism re outcome of consulttions  Bulletin 70  Bulletin 71  not printed Bulletin 72  12 July Support for 'information sessions' at Powerhouse, re SSD.  Bulletin 73 Museum not saved, latest fact sheet  Bulletin 74 letter to DPIE requesting the SSD not be given because of faulty process Bulletin 75 not issued  Bulletin 76 notice of public meeting 28 October convened by Save the Powerhouse facebook   Bulletin 77 3 November MUSEUM NOT SAVED Notes on Australian article re volunteers, Public meeting 28 October notice and 'rules' of this email group. For outcome of meeting see  Save the Powerhouse facebook and this PMA page for Oct 29 and Nov 2.  Bulletin 78  11 November notice of meeting at Legislative Council 16 November: See full reports of this on PMA website here  Bulletin 79 8 year review, current exhbitions, general notes

2023: Bulletin 80 28 January2023 meet candidates function, more removals, ovscene plates Bulletin 81 reminder re forum, paper by Dr Ivan Muñiz Reed newly appointed senior curator with commentary Bulletin 82    Bulletin 83 Consultation of 2 March, do we participate? Not a bulletin but a report on the 2 March consultation with a Save the Powerhouse pre-election commentary Bulletin 85 24 March how to vote Powerhouse Bulletin 86 Merrillees recants, recent events fron STP Facebook, Aircraft change of emphasis


Three booklets have been produced:  The last - in August 2018 we produced a briefing on the Powerhouse 'move': nothing but the facts (remember those?) see this page . It was preceded in August 2016 by Heritage of the Powerhouse Museum and the first was Heritage Aspects of the Powerhouse Museum Precinct. All have been distributed to NSW politicians, Museum Trustees, reporters and media people and senior bureaucrats of Government agencies: about 500 copies of each were printed.

. Questions asked s31 July 2017 booklet   5 May booklet Questions directory is here