Bulletin 7:Powerhouse Museum Heritage.

So far six group emails have been sent to everyone on our email list. From now on bulletins will be numbered. The previous emails are archived here.

Powerhouse rally 28 May

Something over 200 people braved the rain to attend this meeting on the PHM forecourt.

Thanks to Jamie Parker’s PA system, the speakers could be heard; needless to say the speakers were devastating in their condemnation of the move, and backed up their opinions with facts. In terms of rational argument, it is impossible to justify the original proposal in any way. Other speakers, eg for Westconnex, spoke of their own frustrations in regard to government actions, casting doubt on the underlying principles of these projects. There were also speakers from Parramatta, whose comments included reservations about overdevelopment in Parramatta and loss of heritage, eg in regard to the Female Factory. There was definite commonality of purpose: the idea of an east-west divide between the trendy and greedy inner-city types and the unjustly treated westies is also ludicrous.

Meeting of interested people

After the rally there was a meeting in the community centre where various groups discussed cooperation and future moves. All agreed that the government needed to be tackled regarding the inconsistencies of their costing etc and all had the same problem of gaining access. Jamie Parker talked about the possibility of getting an upper-house committee to investigate these matters and this requires the agreement of Labour plus either Fred Nile etc or the Shooters and Fishers etc, and this could extract the necessary information. The meeting was convened by Patricia Johnson of https://www.facebook.com/savethepowerhouse/ and there is more information on this site.

Under Freedom of Information procedures information was published in the Herald on May 17, indicating ‘uncertainty over the cost of relocating the Powerhouse to Parramatta’, and more FOI material is needed. This costs money, and possibly a crowd-funding exercise may be undertaken for this purpose.

Town Hall rally on Sunday 29 May

This was attended by at least 3000 people, and a wide range of issues was canvassed. There is certainly unrest among many sectors of the community, and the Powerhouse museum issue is relatively minor.

Parramatta rally Sunday 5 June

Information here.