Bulletin 50: Submissions to new Inquiry 17 May 2020

NB May 2021 the submissions were combined into a single submission and can be found at

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all the people involved in the email group over the past  nearly five years. I have had the privilege of putting together a lot of the stuff into eight submissions to the new Inquiry: they are attached. The responsibilty for the facts, their selection and their presentation is mine, but we have a mighty 'brains trust' that has made it all possible. About 50 people have provided information that has been included.
The closing time for the submissions is today, Sunday, so we cut it fine!  
A lot of things are happening. I do not know when the second Legislative Council Inquiry will take place, but it is good that so many people have either responded to the questionnaire or made a submission. Three major documents have been released by the Government - a rather frightening report on the consultation re the 'Parramatta Powerhouse' that was mentioned in the last bulletin - if you want to see why it is frightening read the last few pages of Submission 5. The Environmental Impact Statement for Parramatta is also available but I am not sure whether it has been officially released. There is also information on the Parramatta plans. I will get definitive web addresses for them shortly, but I am sure that the tragics have enough reading for now.
I realise that there are far more important things going on at the moment, and hope everyone is coping with the virus issues, but we cannot let them wreck the Powerhouse under cover of lockdown.
We can't get a definite promise not to do so from Infrastructure NSW, and the time that they said they would start doing things is June 30, fast approaching, but surely some commonsense must shortly prevail,.

The eight submissions are attached at the very bottom of this email and are....

1.       Introduction and fact sheet.

2.      ‘Finding’ response: the Government’s inadequate, irrelevant and severely flawed response to chief criticism outlined by the earlier Inquiry.

3.      Heritage considerations of the whole project, which have been severely underestimated.

4.      Finances: implications of the destruction of the museum at Ultimo (notes only, not a full analysis).

5.      Consultation shortcomings throughout the whole process.

6.      Move risks: case study of moving a major object, illustrating a lack of care for exhibits.

7.      Miscellaneous matters: general points indicating other areas of Governmental ineptitude.

8.      An alternative project: quick notes on a possible alternative.

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