Bulletin 37: about Parramatta
I had not intended to send out more stuff for a while, but among the overwhelming response to the last bulletin is a reference to this article, actually received from a lady in Switzerland! From her email:
'Am ever hopeful, still, that the bizarre intentions of removing the oh so important Sydney  Powerhouse Museum to a city which already has such an immense store of fascinating history of its own, can still be reversed'.  
The article does not mention the words 'museum' or 'Powerhouse' but is the best discussion of the 'specialness' of Parramatta that I have seen:


An interesting quote from the article:

As Robert Hughes once said, delivering a National Trust lecture in 1998 on Australia’s forgotten histories: An urban culture that predicates itself chiefly on an obsession with development is not worth having. A city needs deep memory, without which it becomes merely a stage set. 

But there is much more in the article. Please try to look at it.

To compensate for sending out two bulletins in two days, I will get a bottle of red to the first person who identifies the source of this quote:

Western Sydney deserves its own world-class cultural institution and one the community can proudly call its own.

Thanks for reading this and for all the support.

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