Bulletin 36: the 'briefing' booklet

Please send a copy of this bulletin to anyone you think may be interested, especially people with media connections.

Over the next few days, all NSW parliamentarians and various other groups will receive copies of our booklet giving a briefing of the facts (remember those?) concerning the idea of moving the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta. Most of the material comes from input from members of this email group, functioning since 1 May 2016. Thanks to all who contributed! Special thanks to those (largely Pyrmont History Group members) who prepared the mailout last Friday, on short notice: over 180 personalised letters accompanied the booklets.

The booklets are online here.

It summarises the evidence that

·         The matter has never been discussed in any democratically elected government forum. The idea has been imposed on Parramatta, even carrying through under a non-elected Administrator, the site purchase that had been specifically rejected by the elected council

·         There was effectively no consultation. Even the Parramatta Council and the Museum trustees found out about the ‘move’ by reading about it in the newspapers

·         the Government has not adequately researched alternatives for its laudable aim of improving the cultural facilities of Western Sydney

·         Expert advice from people with appropriate Museum qualifications and experience has been minimal.

·         the Government has ignored well-founded protests from a massive range of relevant organisations and the general public.

·         there are serious doubts about financial aspects of the idea.

We have been handicapped by extreme reluctance of the proponents of the move to respond to the questions asked over the years, and if they produce any factual evidence that contradicts our assertions, we will immediately publicise it. Watch this space.…

The task now is to get the knowledge to the wider community, and particularly to the candidates for the Government’s new CEO position!

Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated. Send me addresses and I will mail out booklets. We have a benefactor who has given use $1000 for this purpose.

If communicating with me over this please send a separate email to tomlockley@gmail.com rather than 'reply'.

Tom Lockley, Pyrmont History Group 

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