Bulletin 35. Horrifying news and a plea: can you help?

Over the past four weeks I have prepared several bulletins, and as I was about to press ‘send’ the situation changed – always becoming worse. The Museum Director is being replaced by a CEO with no task but to carry through government intentions, which are continually becoming more horrendous. The Trustees are under threat of losing their remaining powers and becoming an advisory group to the Government. The Telegraph yesterday carried a major article suggesting the privatisation of museums. And on it goes.

A major resistance action is under way and you will be kept informed.

As a first stage, we are going to distribute 400 copies of the fact book we have prepared, based on input from this email group and others over the last 2 ½ years. If all is going to plan, they are being printed overnight at Janie Parker’s office.

Do you live near Pyrmont? I have a few people coming to help fold, staple and trim the booklets, and will have printed labels and form letters for them to be distributed to various groups. We want people who can write on the standardised form letters to make them move effective, so there are tasks for everyone. We hope to set up at the Station, the community hall at Jacksons Landing, 59 Bowman Street Pyrmont, at about 10am and work through till 2pm.

If you can come, even for half an hour, you will be very welcome:

BUT please let me know if you can come, (email tomlockley@gmail.com or phone 0403 615 134) and also check your email at 9 30 tomorrow. If Jamie’s printer jams overnight, we can’t do anything: but it would be great if on Monday the booklet is received by many journalists, politicians, Parramatta Councillors etc as a first shot in a major campaign to bring some sense to this matter.

Please spread the word to your like-minded friends! Everyone is welcome!

The Station is easily reached by light rail to John Street Square, 389 bus from Bondi Junction / city and 501 bus. Street parking (meters) is available and I can also help with off=street parking.

Attachments: picture of book

Summary contents page

Theme of the booklet

(The attachments are not attached: see the finished book file here)