Bulletin 33. Good news, bad news and a plea for help….14 July 2018 


Last weekend there was a protest meeting in Parramatta to seek the preservation of Willow Grove house. This occupies about a quarter of the Government’s preferred museum site (attachment 1). The big news is that the Parramatta Council have adopted a resolution that proclaims their desire to keep the building intact. This will make a big problem for the Government’s plans.

The bad news is that the forecast council committee meeting to review the decisions of the previous Administrator scheduled for 23 July seems to have dropped from sight. As we were planning to complete a briefing booklet for this meeting it takes a lot of pressure off, but still it means that there has not yet been a discussion of the ‘move’ in any democratically elected forum. Unless the Government comes up with some amazing new evidence it is now certain that the basic decision to move the museum was autocratic as well as stupid.

With a lot of help from friends and members of our email group, I am putting together a little booklet entitled Moving the Powerhouse: Briefing notes on the proposed move of the Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo to Parramatta that summarises the facts. A (very early) draft is available on this Sync link. The cover can be seen here.

It will be a5 (folded a4) about 36 pages because that is all I can handle technically and it seems effective: the little heritage booklets of 2016 still have resonance and are useful information for people who need it.

What we need people to do is to go to http://maasbusinesscase.com/ and evaluate absolutely any aspect of the Business Case. If you find something praiseworthy, by all means highlight it, but any comments will be greatly appreciated. To assist there is a suggestion sheet, very rough, attached. Send a separate email, not reply, totomlockley@gmail.com Also we should ask more questions. They will remain comprehensively ignored, but if we do not ask the questions the Government can say that things have gone quiet, that we have come to accept the idea. The questions that have emerged so far since the availability of the Business Case are on this sync link .

Thank you so much for your support! Remember if you want to be removed from this list email tomlockley@gmail.com. Don’t use ‘reply’ as I get so many comments that sometimes replies get lost.


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