Bulletin 28. 29 May. After Inquiry hearing and general info

A ‘standing room only’ crowd of 103 people attended yesterday’s Legislative Council hearing. Several came from Parramatta and the west, including ex-councillors; I recognised supporters of all major political parties. Opposition to the ‘move’ is neither a political issue nor a struggle between inner city and the west.

We had more confirmation of incredible ineptness and amateurism. We found that the first that Parramatta Council heard of the proposal was when they read it in the Telegraph! (remember that this also applies even to the trustees of the museum!) Mr Baird confirmed that there has never been any research into alternative means of meeting the government’s desire to improve the cultural facilities of Western Sydney: moving the Powerhouse has been the only option that the government has looked at. After a lot of obfuscation, witnesses at last had to agree that the land chosen by the government has been purchased despite the wishes of the elected council who had earmarked it for an area with more open space.

And of course not one of the  basic questions that have been asked of the government over nine months ago has been acknowledged, much less answered. The heritage values of the museum remain ignored. The business case summary that has been released is still a travesty. And on and on goes the list of our legitimate complaints.

For masochists, next Friday at 10 am Mr Ray Warburton, former chief of staff to Mr Baird will be a witness at the Inquiry, 10 am to 12 noon at Parliament House. This is possibly the last hearing of the process.

Read the great report of yesterday’s proceedings on https://www.facebook.com/savethepowerhouse/

One of the many newcomers to the hearing asked me what was going to happen. I had to explain that despite the overwhelming evidence against the ‘move’ that the Inquiry had produced, its findings could be completely ignored by the government, and that they would not release any of costings that we taxpayers had paid for, and that democratic measures were so far of no avail. All that the government now has to do is bulldoze aside the diehard protesters and trash our heritage in a process that will waste at least several hundred million dollars of taxpayers’ money.

But we can still battle on to avoid this stupidity. We had a little survey among the attendees yesterday; look at this page for the survey and this page for preliminary results as passed on to the Arts Minister. Feel free to copy the page and send it in directly. Consider joining the North Parramatta Residents Action Group, form here. At yesterday's Inquiry hearing there were three ex-Parramatta councillors and at least three other people from Parramatta who shared our views. Access to  previous bulletins is available (obsolete link - use back arrow). The current 'policy' and rationale of our email group is here; if you have any quibbles with what is stated please let me know. If you can place copies of our latest brochure (a4 page folded) you can print them from here (landscape printing, duplex, flip on short side or print lots of copies of one side, turn over and print the other side). Or contact me and I will send you some.

Welcome also to the newcomers to our little email list. Remember if you want to be removed from the list email tomlockley@gmail.com. Don’t use ‘reply’ as I get so many comments that sometimes replies get lost.

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