Bulletin 27. Come to Upper House Inquiry 28 May

We are having extreme difficulty getting through to the government and the Telegraph mentality the facts that the Powerhouse 'move' idea is wrogn, wrong in every regard! If you are not yet convinced, read the attachment and tell me where it is mistaken!

Can you please help on next Monday morning, 28 May? Come to Parliament House in Macquarie Street so that we can weclome Mr Baird when he explains his 'move' decision......

If you are able to help there are two options;

1. Come to Parliament House before 10 am and take a place in the hearing room. The first witnesses (members of the staff of Parramatta under the non-elected administrator  when decisions were taken that were not supported by an elected council) appear at 10 am.Mike Baird is due to appear at 11 15.

2. Come to Parliament House later. You may not get into the hearing room but the proceedings will be webcast and can be picked up by mobile phones and tablet computers. The sight of a big crowd wanting to get in will be good for the media and underline the importance of this appearance. Best time would be probably 11 15-ish. 

This will jsut be a presence, no banners, sloganed t-shorts or smoke flares! But it will attract attention from the media and give our arguments some prominence.There is overwhelming evidence that the move to Parramatta was never properly researched, and will waste hundreds of millions of dollars, to say nothing of degrading a great heritage building. The bad decisions are compounded by facts such as the government;s refusal to consult with stakeholders - even the museum trustees were simply told that the move would occur. There has been a huge petition leading to major parliamentary inquiry, coming to the conclusion that the project was wasteful, but the government is taking no notice. The government has consistently refused to give any financial information about the move, which gives the impression that there is plenty to hide.Mr Baird was Premier and minister for Infrastructure for the first two years and three months of the project and is responsible for many of the current problems. 
The attachment spells out in full detail the reason why we are acting. 
Please spread the word to like-minded friends. I would really appreciate an email from anyone who can come, tomlockley@gmail.com  or 0403 615 134 - but feel free to just turn up!

10.00 am Mr Greg Dyer Former Chief Executive Officer and Mr Craig Becroft Former Chief Financial Officer, Parramatta City Council:

Mr Dyer was CEO for the four years up to 18 January this year, so would have served the elected council and the Administrator Ms Chadwick (12 May 2016 to 25 September 2017); He would have been aware that the previous elected council had on four occasions (Resolution 16308, 14 December 2015; Resolution 16353, 14 January 2016; and Resolution 16646, 9 May 2016) indicated that they wanted the site chosen by the Government to be used for open space. This was emphasised in the last meeting of the elected council, as almost the last item of business on 9 May. The government negotiated the purchase of the land with the elected, supposedly ‘caretaker’ administrator only days before the installation of the new elected council, which, to date, has not even discussed the matter, much less ratified this autocratic decision.

Mr Craig Becroft has been a strong supporter of the Powerhouse ‘move’ during his three years at Parramatta Council, ignoring the weight of evidence against it. He is now, since March, the Executive Director Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer at Urban Growth NSW Development Corporation. Draw your own conclusions.

11.15 am to 1 15 pm: Mr Mike Baird Former Premier. The goal of improving the cultural facilities of the state, and particularly of Western Sydney, is entirely praiseworthy and is supported by all. However, in achieving this goal, there is overwhelming evidence that no investigation was ever made into possible alternatives to ‘moving’ the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta. This is confirmed in the so-called Business Case Summary released on 28 April this year when it says ‘the Business Case takes as its starting point the government’s decision to locate the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta.

This state of affairs must logically be attributed to Mr Baird: The ‘move’ was proposed for consideration by Infrastructure NSW in a document issued on 3 November 2015 and announced as government policy by Mr Baird on 26 November. Since then the government has refused to answer any questions on the viability of the project and has locked itself into blindly following this disastrous policy. Constant inquiries to Infrastructure have not extracted any information about research they conducted into alternatives and no outside researcher has been found that has been involved in this task.

Thanks for reading this email and for your support and input. I hope some people will be able to help on Monday, and please send this message on to anyone that you think might be interested.

Tom Lockley 
(tomlockley@gmail.com , 0403 615 134, PO Box 301 Pyrmont 2009
tomlockley@gmail.com is the best method of communication)

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