Bulletin 22: Update, and 'to the cloud'

In brief, the government pulled a dirty trick on us: on 31 July, the very day that the first major consultative meeting was to be held in Pyrmont, the purchase of the Parramatta site was announced, effectively pre-empting all discussion re options. Thus many people think the battle is lost

Not so. When subect to q&a that exposes the stupidity, waste and ignorance of the plan, the respondents always fall back on statements like 'all these things are subject to the final businesss plan which is still being determined' and 'only an option to purchase the Parramatta site has been taken, no money has changed hands'.

So the battle continues. We are promised lots of information, lots of consultation, and this will be aimed at making the proponents of the 'move' see sense.

I think the manifesto of the anti-move movement is becoming clear, and is being nailed to a lot of metaphorical doors. We want to see Australia's only Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences maintained in its present heritage building, the most accessible building to the state, the nation and the world. We want Parramatta to have the museum and other cultural facilities that the people want, not something foisted on them by government diktat.

That is the basic message of this email, but the usual verbal plethora is outlined below. Thanks to all the people who read all this stuff, great to hear your responses.

My makeshift and very amateur website has collapsed. For this bulletin items are stored on a Sync dive somewhere out there in cyberspace and masochists may access the stuff I have written. Basically

If you have not responded to the questionnaire that can be found on the new MAAS website the survey finishes on August 18. To get mileage out of it for the anti-'move' cause, look at this page and consider using the approach suggested. Please read it and if you think it is a good idea, respond to the survey and send the email on to anyone you know who may be interested.

Tom Lockley 
(tomlockley@gmail.com , 0403 615 134, PO Box 301 Pyrmont 2009
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