Bulletin 21: Strategy for the Consultation Meetings

The 'consultation' meeting at Parramatta last Wednesday night was well run and pleasant, but as feared it did not address the basic issue raised in Bulletin 20. Participants were asked for input, but the underlying principle was that the 'move' as proposed would occur, and that we were just being asked to fill in details.

You are receiving another email from me, specifically asking you to take part in the survey being run by the government. We can use that to address the basic issues. Please read it and if you think it is a good idea, respond to the survey and send the email on to anyone you know who may be interested.

Apart from that, this bulletin has three attachments:

Attachment 1: notes on the Parramatta meeting.

Attachment 2: a one-page list of questions that have arisen, largely because of the email debates that have ensued from the bulletins previously issued and other informal contacts.

Attachment 3: a quite large document that lists questions that are more detailed, along with relevant information gleaned from the Inquiry hearings. 50 copies are going to get printed in booklet form by Jamie Parker's office on Monday for distribution at the meetings.

I will make sure that the people running the meetings get copies of 2 and 3. They want consultation and communication and we are delighted to assist. It will be interesting to see the responses: I have suggested that they go on to the new MAAS website.

Thank you to the long-suffering readers of these bulletins.

There is a lot of stuff in these attachments, and reading it all is a big job. The other email is more important. But thank you for the interest that has been shown over the past 18 months that has led to the questions in attachments 2 and 3. It is great to get your comments!

It remains clear that the basic 'move' idea has never been properly assessed. It was simply announced, even  to the trustees of MAAS, the director of MAAS, and Museums and Galleries Australia, the government body charged with the oversight of such matters as this. None of the consultants hired had any input in this area. Parramatta Council was not consulted, to say nothing of organisations like the National Trust,

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