Bulletin 12: 18 August 2016

 Hi everyone. Book 2 on the general heritage of the museum has been printed – a total of 350 copies so far. Appreciation to the hard-working staff of Jamie Parker’s office for their work in printing them Every NSW parliamentarian has one, with special emphasis on the members of the inquiry. Copies have gone to the National Trust board and CEO, more for information than for action, to the RHSA, and to many individuals. We also sent copies to the PHM trustees: there was a nice reply from the new President of the trustees, Professor Barney Glover. The key sentences are

I found the booklet and the details - in some cases new to me - regarding the site and connection to the collection very interesting. 

Clearly we may have very different views on the proposed move to Parramatta but we clearly share a passion for this great cultural institution.

At least he and the other trustees took some notice of what we were saying.


Professor Denoon of Pyrmont History Group is going to send booklets to members of the Committee for Sydney, and the Greater Sydney Commission, chaired by Lucy Turnbull. We are doing all we can to make sure that as many people as possible get to understand what is being planned.

Can you help?

If you would like a copy of the book, please contact Donald Denoon, contact details: Donald Denoon,
203 Edgewater, 40 Refinery Drive, Pyrmont NSW 2009

But especially if you can get a copy to a media person or other influential person, please contact Donald. It really has an effect when for example an MP gets several communications from the constituents about the one issue.

I would specially like to thank Bill, Mabel and Colin of Pyrmont History Group who worked hard on Friday afternoon to get a lot of organisation done. There was no chance that I could have done it by myself

Submissions to the Upper House Inquiry

Attached is a summary of the submissions to the inquiry that have involved me and the many people who have helped me and  / or members of the Pyrmont Historical Society. I was happy to get the information from the Harden-Murrumburrah Historical Society, which demonstrates the possessiveness of the most surprising people regarding the museum.

You will have some peace and quiet from me till the end of September: we are overseas (drive around southern England). I am still contactable on email.

It should be an exciting time as far as the museum goes. The inquiry is set to report late in November but there is no date set yet for the hearings.

Thank you all for your support and friendship

Tom Lockley