Campaign to Save the Powerhouse

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Bulletin 62: some quick notes – 3 April 2021

1.   A reminder that the North Parramatta Residents Action Group is mounting a major challenge to the destruction of Willow Grove on the site the Government has decreed for the Powerhouse Parramatta. If the Government’s actions here can be exposed as being arbitrary and illegal, it should be of great benefit to the process of resistance. The legal action is being done as cheaply as possible, but funds are required and NPRAG is asking for donations as per the attachment.

2.   Some friends and I are working on a response to Ms Havilah’s response to Bulletin 60. As she requested, her comments were circulated immediately they were received last Monday. It was great to get a Government response that actually addressed some of the issued raised, and it is hoped that this dialogue continues.

If you have any comments of any kind, be in touch. I want to finalise the response by Monday morning leaving all day for proofing, and it will be sent to Ms Havilah and circulated to the usual people at the opening of business Tuesday. The result should be a balanced and sound response, with a wide range of input. Thanks to all the people who have already sent comments, suggestions and questions – I think I have replied to them all. If you would like to be involved in the process I can send you a copy of the evolving document, and will be happy to hear from you.

Incidentally, several people have written to me deploring the personal trolling to which Ms Havilah is sometimes being subjected on social media, and this trolling is not fair. Some of our readers are taking action by calling out this abuse and I appreciate this action.

3.   On May 1 the unions’ May Day march will be held in Parramatta, ending up at Willow Grove. We are investigating the possibility of other groups joining in, so as to achieve an alliance of interests such as that which saved the Rocks and many other areas in the 1970s. If you have comments please be in touch – a good group of Museum supporters would be of benefit to the joint cause.

4.   A major meeting of the loose coalition that supports the Powerhouse Museum Alliance was held last Monday, and lots of action is in train to expose the numerous problems with the Government’s autocratic actions. Please continue to keep up the pressure wherever you can and watch this space for more information. This battle must be won.


Campaign to save the Powerhouse

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