Campaign to Save the Powerhouse
At last!

Responsibility for facts stated is taken by Tom Lockley, PO Box 301, Pyrmont
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Bulletin 53:  


A couple of quick points: this is a backflip, but more than that, it is at last an acceptance of facts, and a proof that we have a democracy after all. As Leo Scofield has said, let us be gracious.

More importantly, we need to put the same efforts into supporting the Powerhouse, and the Parramatta people, as we proceed. Heritage, culture and wisdom have had a near-death experience and the recovery depends on all of us.

To all of the people who since May 1 2016 have taken part in our little email group, I express personal thanks: I could not have kept going without your support.


Tom Lockley

Campaign to save the Powerhouse

Australia’s major museum of arts and sciences in Sydney’s most evocative heritage building. For more information See also:

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