Hello everyone, and a particular welcome to the ten new people since the October 1 bulletin.

The main theme of recent correspondents is 'why isn't something happening'? The counter on our business case website at this moment reminds us that we only have about 200 days before the bulldozers move in to try to knock holes in the massive walls to start the move in a manner that will be very difficult indeed to stop.

Several proposals for action are being considered. Members of the email group are urging for a major advertising campaign along the lines of the full page advertisement in the Herald of 17 February 2016, but open to the general public to contribute. Other avenues of action are in train.

The main purpose of this bulletin is to circulate a paper by Jennifer Sanders, a former deputy director of the museum and a wonderful advocate for the museum. It is being sent to all relevant politicans, the trustees and many other people. It is a brilliant exposition of the quality of the museum and should persuade anyone that it is absolutely essential to retain it.

The other attachment is for the tragics. It is a litany of what is wrong with the Government's actions apart from the basic, irredemable points that you have heard so often before, - no reseach into alternatives, no consultation, huge waste of money etc. This autocracy is not at all efficient. We have been trying for years to find a reason why the Government is persisting with the demonstrably stupid idea, and if you read long enough, you will find that a possible reason is expounded.

The 'move' can still be stopped, and must be stopped if Australia is to maintain some vestige of a reputation for being a nation of civilisaiton and culture. Stay in contact! And keep letting me know of ideas, facts and suggestions that we can promulgate.

Thanks for your help and support, Please reply in a separate email, do not use 'reply' as these replies can easily get lost. And if you do not want to hear from me, send me an email and i will remove your address from my list.

Tom Lockley
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