Briefing notes on the proposed move of the Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo to Parramatta

Edited by Tom Lockley

Online version of booklet "Moving the Powerhouse"

 as printed and distributed  with known facts on 1 August 2018


‘Moving’ our unique Powerhouse Museum is a bad choice for creating a cultural icon in Parramatta

   2. There has been little or no research into alternatives 12

 3.  There has been no appropriate consultation: page 13

 4.  The initially announced budget was ridiculous: page 15

5.  A huge waste of money was confirmed by later budget announcements: page 16

6.  The Government’s site choice is undemocratic: page 17

7.  The Parramatta people prefer other options: page 18

8.  The Powerhouse Museum is an invaluable item of Australian heritage: page 21

9.  The Government has ignored massive opposition: page 23

10.  The Government has been extremely secretive and has had to be forced into revealing its plans: page 24

11.  The Business Case that has been revealed does not refute the basic criticisms points made above: page 27

12.  The release of the Business Case does not allay concerns about the process: page 28


Background material

How this webpost was made

Building Sketches: Ultimo and Parramatta

MAAS: Museum of Applied Arts and Science

About references and fact checking

Desired outcomes of the anti-move coalition

The booklet is available as a word file if you want to quote from it easily. There is no copyright!

It is also available as a .pdf and there are also notes on the land purchase  notes on the lack of research  and notes on no expert panel as .pdfs.