The Government has ignored massive opposition

The announcement of the move created instant opposition from those who appreciate Australian heritage, but when the implications were examined, it became clear that the economics of the ‘move’ were disastrous. As was quickly obvious, little profit could be made from the sale of the Powerhouse precinct even with the most drastic demolition.  The protests escalated: protesters included

·       11,000 signatories to the petition presented to NSW Parliament, 25 Feb 2016

·       178 signatories to the Powerhouse Museum Alliance ’s 17 Feb 2016 open letter

·       authors of the 133 submissions to the Upper House Inquiry who oppose the Powerhouse move – representing 94% of all the submissions about the Powerhouse; these include the National Trust of NSW, Museums Australia, the International Council on Monuments and Sites and many other professional, artistic and historical groups

·       countless museum visitors and supporters from across NSW, around Australia and overseas

and members of many organisations including

·       The Save the Powerhouse Facebook group

·       The Powerhouse Museum Alliance

·       North Parramatta Residents Action Group

·       Pyrmont History Group

Graphic from the hugely popular Save the Powerhouse Facebook site.

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