There has been no appropriate consultation

Even the MAAS trustees[15] and the Parramatta Council[16] were not consulted before the Premier’s announcement in November 2014. They first heard about the ‘move’ decision when they read the Telegraph.

Some consultation focus groups were held in late 2016 but they and July 2017 meetings were asked simply what they wanted at the transplanted Museum.[17]

There is very little other evidence of consultation, eg Ms Macgregor (Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art and designated ‘Cultural Ambassador for the West’) said that she had discussed the move only with Western Sydney Arts and Cultural Lobby.[18] Actually they ‘supported’ the idea but did not initiate it or discuss alternatives at that time. This group consists of individuals and 13 organisations, mainly art and theatre groups; there are no museums or historical groups.[19]

The ‘move’ resistance has been characterized as a quarrel between the privileged inner city and the deprived ‘west’[20]. However, support for retention of Powerhouse Museum comes from many Western Sydney sources, eg the Granville-based Greater Western Sydney Heritage Action Group[21] and North Parramatta Residents Action Group[22], arguably the most significant such group in the west. The underlying statement for this booklet, page 3, speaks for itself about the corresponding policy of inner-city groups: the top priorities are the retention of the Powerhouse as Australia’s only museum of arts and sciences along with the creation of appropriate cultural facilities at Parramatta, the centre of population of the ‘Sydney’ conurbation.

There is clear evidence that until mid-2017 [23] no public consultation into the idea was undertaken by the unelected Parramatta administrator.

The specially created Government ‘consultation’ communication website’ added only seven posts and one link in 8 months after July 31, none addressing the 80+ basic questions asked at the ‘consultation’ meetings. See the North Parramatta Regional Action Group symposium described on page 18 for comparison.

The Business Case has a section entitled Shareholder Engagement, by a firm called Elton Consulting who acted as facilitator for the so-called ‘consultation’ meetings of July 2917. They conducted no consultation about the overall strategy to improve the cultural facilities of Parramatta: the first objective of their work is to demonstrate the benefits of the project.[24]

The ‘move’ will involve closure of Thinkspace, the Wiggles, Experimentations and other practical education areas at Ultimo. It will increase the number of apartments, thereby increasing the number of children, at the same time as it removes opportunities for city children to have the kinds of ‘widening’ experiences in which the museum excels. (Pictures from MAAS website)


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