About this website.

This website is maintained by Tom Lockley as convernor of an email group. This group consists of over 180 members, including many experts in relevant areas, and volunteers and employees, many of whom feel reluctant to speak publicly. Adress is PO Box 301 Pyrmont 2009.

For further information email phgphminfo@gmail.com or phone 0403615124

Having refused to give information for more than three years, the Government was forced to make public their business case for the 'move' of the Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo to Parramatta. The government did not put it on the internet:: it is available in an office at Parliament House in business hours, by prior appointment, with one photocopier that will make only paper copies. We found them very difficult to organise and interpret but think we have the most important stuff. The site includes many other documents, accessible through the search box

Many people who have provided information for this website wish to remain anonymous, typically because they do not want openly to oppose this Government, perceiving it to be authoritarian and irrational in regard to this project. The protocol used is for all statements on this website to be made under my authority, and if there are questions about the authenticity of any content, I will provide further details.

Any corrections will be quickly made, fully acknowledged, and widely publicised.

Tom Lockley