Explaining the business case files in  https://maasbusinesscase.com/

A MAAS spokesperson has asked me to make it clear that this is not an official site. They do not want to be associated this dissemination of information in any way, so I added a heading to this effect and some other minor changes were made.

I think we have got about 70% of the BC material on the website but it is not well organised. Even when viewing the original folders as presented it is hard to see a connected structure. It is hard to find dates on some files and to me some 2016 material seems to be juxtaposed with later material. This is compounded by unskilled web staff, but using the ‘advanced search’ box on the home page you should find what you want.

What we have got does provide plenty of interest. I have tried to isolate some files that are of particular interest.

Ultimo Presence Project 6 Development Options Assessment.PDF This is a big file and if you are having trouble downloading it let me know and I will divide it into smaller files. It has diagrams of the various tower options for the erection of high rise on the Ultimo site.


Peter Root is uniquely qualified among the people working on the ‘move’. He was largely responsible for setting up the present museum. His input can be relied on for professionalism. The folders had three or four drafts of his input and if you want to examine all, go to business case\Blue attachments\Root Projects all drafts\list of all root drafts.htm but really by far the most important files are the 2017 (latest) drafts accessed from business case\Blue attachments\default.htm , ‘coll and logistics plan’ files 1 2 and 3.


Other important files include the following, but all are of interest .

Ultimo Presence Project 2 Project Options.PDF

Ultimo Presence Project 11 Preliminary Master Program.PDF

Ultimo Presence Project 7 Heritage Advice.PDF I have my own opinions on this document but would appreciated fresh viewpoints.

The MAAS Project 5 Combined Cost Benefit Analysis for the MAAS Project.PDF would benefit from a financial experts assessment. I do not understand!

The MAAS Project 5 Combined Cost Benefit Analysis for the MAAS Project.PDF and New Western Sydney Museum 2 Final Business Case Supplement 240418.PDF

Redactions: I did not copy out the reason given for the redactions but it was along the lines of the need to keep the Business Case estimates confidential because these estimates could prejudice commercial negotiation. Please explain?

Tom Lockley, Pyrmont History Group, tomlockley@gmail.com 0403 615 134
14 July 2018