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Critical overview the full criticism of the document release - very detailed; Summary

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Megafiles re Parramatta building: all I was able to do was to quickly copy some files to .pdf. Their content is disappointing: a brief summay is appended. Altogether there are 776 a4 pages, with many identical emails as usual.

. If you want something specific try advanced search of all the website or open the file and search with ctrl-f .

web pages: pretty accurate copies but messy

DOC281020.htm   micrbats, techincal matters such as acoustics, employment of an outside person to write project brief; mainly INSW
DOC281020-002.htm technical matters eg options for exoskeleton including anticlimbing measures, involving Arup, MAAS, INSW Horneau Kusnoki architects, Tom Kenndy as consultant, and others. Possiblty of encroaching on easements to improve access. on western side discussed at length
DOC281020-003.htm  much the same as above, technical work largely on exoskeleton
DOC281020-004.htm    as above wtih discusssion of hirng a brief writer (May 2020) who will also be the independent verifier for the duration of construction and matters like rainwater tank.
DOC281020-005.htm  landscaping including studies for major outside events and people movement (I think)
DOC281020-006.htm general, SSID payment, an illegible sketch of an education area,

ms word: much messier but smaller and easily editable

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