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This private website collects FACTS (remember those?) about the proposed 'move' of the Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo, Central Sydney, to Parramatta.

The main current activity is to faciliate discussion of he distribution of the  Stage 1 Concept State Significant Development Application on public exhibition at  https://pp.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/major-projects/projects/powerhouse-ultimo-renewal

We have only 28 days to comment on tis proposal. It is not renewal, it is the destruction of a great museum and heritage item. Our online copy of the Government's release has some advantages: it is better organised the word documents are easy to search with Ctrl-F but the conversion process fouls up the diagrams and some tables. There are also typos so if you are copying from Word files check wtih the original pdf files if and is easy to search.

All released material in .pdf form

All released material in word files. These are converted .pdf files but you can search the whole directory by using ctrl-f

Picture files (jpg and psd) for diagrams

Link to fact sheet .pdf LINK TO FACT SHEET SUPPORTING MATERIAL: Newer: Correspondence seeking attention to this matter

Bulletin files being updated: Bulletin  66 ( here ) was intended to be the last of the bulletins summarising the the (lack of) process throughout the seven + years that the 'move' has been in train, but Bulletin 67 deals with the 19-20 March 'consultation' weekend.

 If you need historical information on the topic go to https://powerhousemuseumalliance.com/ and if you cannot find what you want try this webiste search box at Title page with search . If you have no success here email me at tomlockley@gmail.com.

We have constantly argued for the public relase of documentation supporting Government assertions, with limited success. The Government has released some information, with restricted access, and notes on the most recent releases are here:

Document release June 2020  Document release December 2020 Document release  2022 Planning of Parra Powerhouse

Some other new stuff - work in progress surveys   general

new big direcrtory of recent files early 2021

If you want information on a particular isssue go to Title page with search  and use the advaced search box. You may be lucky!

Responsibility for this private website is taken by Tom Lockley, PO Box 301, Pyurmont NSW 2009.