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This private website collects FACTS (remember those?) about the proposed 'move' of the Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo, Central Sydney, to Parramatta. It was intended to be of very short duration so that we could examine the June 2018 business case but as the affair dragged on more and more stuff was uploaded in a very haphazard way. The PMA site is far better organised but this site has other material accessed best from the search page. Two new items: excel spreadsheet of chronology and Inquiry megafile, very big word file but if it loads you can search all evidence for both Inquiries. EIS for Ultimo similarly here.

The material avaiable is getting to be too voluminous to list in contents form on this primitive website. Use the search page or if it does not work or you want a fact check or informaiton on a particular topic email me at tomlockley@gmail.com and I will happily do what I can.  The PMA website https://powerhousemuseumalliance.com/ is well organised and has a full collection of publicity material.

The material put on line re the Stage 1 Concept State Significant Development Application on public exhibition at  https://pp.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/major-projects/projects/powerhouse-ultimo-renewal is here:  All files list including everything but attachments   All included attachnents in pdf form  All included attachments in word forms. These are converted .pdf files but you can search the whole directory by using ctrl-f. Picture files (jpg and psd) for diagrams

Link to fact sheet .pdf LINK TO FACT SHEET SUPPORTING MATERIAL: Newer: Correspondence seeking attention to this matter

and if you cannot find what you want try this webiste search box at Title page with search . If you have no success here email me at tomlockley@gmail.com.

We have constantly argued for the public relase of documentation supporting Government assertions, with limited success. The Government has released some information, with restricted access, and notes on the most recent releases are here: Document release June 2020  Document release December 2020 Document release  2022 Planning of Parra Powerhouse

Some other odd stuff - work in progress surveys   general  hotfiles (a new directory seeking ot isolate the most important files) affiliated societies

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Responsibility for this private website is taken by Tom Lockley, PO Box 301, Pyrmont NSW 2009.