A Table of Contents (original here) is provided at the beginning of the document Final Business Case for the Renewal (sic) of the Powerhouse Museum - Appendices 24 October 2014. However it does not correspond to what is printed on the Inquiry website. The links indicate, to the best of our ability, the material actually provided.

Appendix A— Commercial strategy: original page number 2 (submitted by Ross Hamilton, Partner, Real Estate Advisory Services, Ernst and Young, Melbourne, for Ms Elisabeth Stratford, Director, Corporate Resources, MAAS: see third page:

This is provided on the government website as a complete file, which is very large, and on this website is divided into sections as follow:  App A pt 123 contents intro serv delivery.pdf  App A pt 4 Powerhouse Museum Ultimo.pdf  App A pt 5 Observatory.pdf  App A pt 6 Powerhouse Discovery Centre.pdf (Word files are App A pt 123 contents intro serv delivery.docx , App A pt 4 Powerhouse Museum Ultimo.docx , App A pt 5 Observatory.docx and 06 Assessment of Options.docx )

Appendix B— Planning report: original page number 3  App B Planning report.pdf Word file App B Planning report.docx

Appendix C — Compliance with the MAAS Act: original page number 4 App C Compliance with MAAS act.pdf Word file App C Compliance with MAAS act.docx

Appendix D — Strategic Gateway Review Report: original page number 7 App D 2014 Strategic Gateway review project.pdf (this is a 2014 report, perhaps included to indicate some form of rationale for the 'move') and the Word file is App D 2014 Strategic Gateway review project.docx

Appendix E — Value Management Workshop findings: original page number 8; Appendix F — Staging options: original page number 9; Appendix G — Patronage numbers: original page number 24. These are printed as per the originals, appendix E being a document made early in 2014. Appendix F, for example, seems to appear in the middle of Appendix E. Files are App E F G part 1.pdf and App E F G part 2.pdf . Word files are App E F G part 1.docx and App E F G part 2.docx .

Appendix H — Capital costs: original page number 30 App H Capital Costs.pdf and the Word file is App H Capital Costs.docx . Accountants, please study carefully. It looks pretty dubious to me,

The following are listed in the contents page but not included on the government website:: Appendix I - Economic assessment: original page number 31; Appendix J — Financial Impact Statement: original page number 42; Appendix K— Financial assessment: original page number 44; Appendix L— Risk management: original page number 57; Appendix M — Project Plan: original page number 74; Appendix N — Benefits realisation strategy: original page number 75; Appendix 0 —Auckland Art Gallery Revitalisation project: original page number 79


1: original page number Final Business Case for the relocation of the Sydney Powerhouse Museum - Appendices