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Note: 19 July. Some Government papers, mainly those relating to the Inquiries, have been withdrawn from this website on the advice of the Legislative Council Office. If what you want is not avaiable see

First Inquiry: Includes submissions, hansard of hearings, reports and Government documents, and 'other documents' - usually answers to questions on notice, and the final report and responses to it go to

For the current Inquiry the corresponding page is

Hansard for Parliament can be seen at

Time is getting short. We have been seeking an assurance that no irrevocable action will be taken to initiate destruction till after the Coronavirus crisis and after fortcoming Legislative Council Inquiry, but no such undertaking has been given.

Bulletin 46 created a lot of interest. Especially see Jennifer Sanders' paper for the International Commission on Monuments and Sites, 1 November 2019 and the final version of Bulletin 46.

Get ready for 2020: Bulletin 47

In the light of the material that has come to light, particularly through the massive Inquiry into Museums and Galleries conducted under the auspices of the NSW Legislative Council, it is hard to believe that any government could consider continiung with the 'move' idea. The key document that has emerged unchallenged and that summarises the stupidity of the idea is our one page summary.

The thrust of action now is to get this matter publicised, in the hope that the FACTS might triumph over a distain for truth and openness that has no place in Australian democracy.

This site now, as of July 23, contains the bulletins  sent to members of the email group associated with this website. Go to this page.

The full business papers are still available as below.

The Business Case papers that were released in April-June this year can be accessed from this page. It may be desirable to read this guide page first.
 A 2014 'Business Case' prepared for the upgrading of the museum in 2014. It was essentially an ambit claim begun under director Rose Hiscock and obviously was the basis for the claim in the Telegraph of 18 July 2018 that a SECRET report indicated that huge amounts were needed to make the Powerhouse suitable for purpose. For comment, see the Powerhouse Museum Alliance Website.

Thanks to the people who have commented: please also see but if you are not happy to have your name on your comment send your comments to me at .

Latest addition: Material on the relationship between MAAS and the Affiliated Organisations, 2012 to date. This follows a very encouraging, very informal discussion with Ms Havilah on 7 February 2019 and is source material for information only at the present time. We welcome Ms Havilah to MAAS and wish her a very long and happy association with the MAAS, including the Powerhouse Museum at Ultimo.

In August 2018 we produced a briefing on the Powerhouse 'move': nothing but the facts (remember those?) see this page. As of August 10  copies have been sent, with personalised covering letters, to all state MPs, Parramatta Councillors, MAAS trustees and Inquiry participants. The booklet is getting good 'word of mouth' and not all of them have been thrown in the bin! Copies are also being sent to media outlets. There are some booklets left; if you would like one, email and one will be mailed to you.

No valid responses have been received. Replies from the Government are either to the effect that this is a great project, totally ignoring our reasoned arguments, or letters stating that the matter was referred to the Arts Minister who also totally ignores our facts. Labor recipients emphasise that the 'move' is no longer their policy, and Greens remain supportive.

Accordingly a succinct summary of the proven facts has been prepared and will be circulated. We undertake to publicise any material received from the Government that casts doubt on the stated facts or provides reasoned argument why the conclusions we have drawn are invalid.

Latest additions include a summary of the position as regards Affiliated Societies and the museum.

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Transcripts of Inquiry (pdf and word) with other related materaial ; National Trust including Graham Quint's applications for heritage status

Another question is, does the Business Case answer any of the basic questions we have been asking?
Here are the questions: one page sheet  31 July 2017 booklet   5 May booklet Questions directory is here

Legalities: The MAAS act of 1945  TPP 08-5 Guidelines for Business Cases (both as Word files)  Legailites/Final business case template.docx

Parramatta Council files including Relevant Parramatta Council minutes information and a wonderful article on Parramatta's 'specialness'

MAAS Annual Reports last 10 years

Submissions to Inquiry

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