Attachment A MDC storage project brief.pdf
Attachment B Combined Operating Model This was only 2 pages.pdf
Attachment BB Rationale_1.pdf
Attachment BB Rationale_2.pdf
Attachment BB Rationale_3.pdf
Attachment C Combined Cost Benefit Analysis.pdf
Attachment CC_1 Commissioning plan.pdf
Attachment CC_2 Commissioning plan.pdf
Attachment CC_3 Commissioning plan.pdf
Attachment E The Ultimo Presence Project.pdf
Attachment I Flood Study.pdf
attachment L Economic appraisal the new museum 1.pdf
attachment L Economic appraisal the new museum 2.pdf
Attachment O Governance arrangements new museum Western Sydney.pdf
Attachment Q Change Management Strategy.pdf
Attachment R Risk Assessment.pdf
Attachment U Collections relocations and logistics.pdf
Attachment V Workforce Profile.pdf
X1 Heritage Report Parramatta.pdf
X2 Heritage Report Parramatta.pdf