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Business Case papers that we have been able to put online so far can be accessed from this page. It may be desirable to read this guide page first. Thanks to the people who have commented: please also see but if you are not happy to have your name on your comment send your comments to me at
Our latest venture: A briefing on the Powerhouse 'move': nothing but the facts (remember those?) see this page. As of August 10  copies have been sent, with personalised covering letters, to all state MPs, Parramatta Councillors, MAAS trustees and Inquiry participants. The booklet is getting good 'word of mouth' and we hope that not all of them will be thrown in the bin! Copies are also being sent to media outlets. There are about 140 left; if you would like one, email and one will be mailed to you. Even more importantly, we need them placed with meida people and other influential entities, and if you can help here, please email.

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also included are

Transcripts of Inquiry (pdf and word); National Trust including Graham Quint's applications for heritage status

Another question is, does the Business Case answer any of the basic questions we have been asking?
Here are the questions: one page sheet  31 July 2017 booklet   5 May booklet Questions directory is here

Legalities: The MAAS act of 1945  TPP 08-5 Guidelines for Business Cases (both as Word files)  Legailites/Final business case template.docx

Parramatta Council files including Relevant Parramatta Council minutes information and a wonderful article on Parramatta's 'specialness'

MAAS Annual Reports last 10 years

A lot of unsorted stuff in a dump directory

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